Terms & Conditions

Please note that these terms and conditions relate to activities carried out by Nicola Wall t/a Doncaster Wellbeing and your access to this, they do not relate to the shop site (this has separate T&Cs listed on the shop site).

In addition to these Terms & Conditions, a Covid 19 Policy is also in operation.  Some of the information contained within the Covid 19 policy may supercede what is contained within this page.


Appointments are available by prior booking only. Please allow at least 48 hours notice when making a cancellation in order to enable me to offer the appointment time to someone else. Please note the amendment to this in the Coronavirus Policy.

Before attending:

  • Please complete the initial consultation
  • Please keep any meals light
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or taking any recreational drugs
  • Ensure you drink plenty of water
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • For foot reflexology, where possible, please wear loose fitting trousers, shorts or a skirt/dress that enables access your lower leg up to the knee.

Initial consultation

An initial consultation will be conducted by telephone (or video call if you prefer) where questions about your lifestyle and medical history will be asked.

You will be asked if you have any particular concerns or requirements. This is to help ascertain the most appropriate treatment plan for you and also to help you be clear about the treatment taking place.

This can take a little time, but is necessary for building up a picture of your treatment needs and whether or not any treatment will be suitable.  As such it is important that you are honest about any conditions that you may have, plus your current lifestyle.

Subsequent treatments will simply require checking whether anything has changed and that the treatment plan is still appropriate to your needs.


If you are currently being treated by your GP or other medical professional, please seek their advice before booking an appointment.

If you are diagnosed with the following, please check with a GP or other medical professional before attending:

⦁ Arthritis
⦁ Epilepsy
⦁ Diabetes - you may want to consult your GP if you are having any difficulty in managing the symptoms associated with diabetes (please note: massage and reflexology have potential benefits (link to diabetes.co.uk) and I regularly give treatments to people diagnosed with diabetes).
⦁ Pregnancy - yes, I know, not a diagnosis, however, please check with your midwife or consultant that they are happy for you to proceed.

You will be required to either sign a disclaimer stating that you have taken appropriate medical advice and are happy to proceed (depending on the condition, so please contact me to enquire). Please note that all information is kept in confidence as per the Privacy Notice.

The following conditions will need a note from your GP or other medical professional stating that they are happy for the chosen therapy to proceed:

⦁ Angina
⦁ Arteriosclerosis
⦁ Cancer (if suspected or currently under Oncology)
⦁ Deep vein thrombosis (after at least 3 months)
⦁ Emphysema
⦁ Haemophilia
⦁ Heart Attack (after 3 months post attack)
⦁ Heart Failure
⦁ High Blood Pressure (only if uncontrolled, ok if stable and on medication)
⦁ Oedema (depending on the cause)
⦁ Previous stroke or Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)
⦁ Severe sudden headaches (with no previous history of similar).
⦁ Unstable blood sugar levels

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, if in doubt, please get in touch.


The following will prevent a treatment taking place:

⦁ Any form of infectious disease, infection or fever, e.g. diarrhoea and vomiting, or infectious skin diseases and disorders
⦁ Inflammation, bruising and acute injury (prevents massage/reflexology to that specific area until healed)
⦁ If you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
⦁ Any inappropriate suggestions or physical behaviour will result in the treatment being terminated immediately.

Monthly Membership

A monthly membership scheme is offered at £35 a month for one hour's treatment a month or £55 a month for 90 minute's treatment a month, for a named person, payable a month in advance by standing order.

In addition, as a member you have the opportunity to buy further hour treatments at the rate of £35, or 90 minutes at the rate of £55.00, to either use yourself or gift to a friend or family member (gift cards available).

For every additional hour's treatment bought, you will receive a point towards a free hour treatment (worth 6 points) which you can use yourself, gift to a friend or add to the Gifting Fund to donate to someone in need.

Points cannot be exchanged for any monetary value.

Please give a month's notice when cancelling this agreement.

Multiple Treatment Discounts

Sessions need to be paid for as a block, however the appointment times/dates need not all be booked together (although for weekly sessions it is advisable to do so).

Please note that after the first session, should you wish to cancel and request a refund on future sessions that any sessions previously taken will be charged at the single booking hourly rate for a single session (eg £40 an hour) and will be taken in full from the amount paid for the block booking with any remainder then being refunded (eg six sessions booked at £180, only two taken and a refund requested on the remaining four, the two sessions taken revert to the single hourly charge of £40 per hour, meaning £80 deducted from the £180, the refund being £100).

Weekly packages are provided on the understanding that you attend appointments weekly. However, existing holiday bookings can be taken into account if mentioned at time of booking. Sickness is sometimes unavoidable and again can be taken into account with the package being able to be put on hold once in a 6 week period (for up to a few weeks) with the understanding that it will then resume to weekly appointments again after this. Any further postponements will necessitate the single booking rate being reinstated.

Monthly packages are provided on the understanding that you attend appointments monthly (or approximately every four weeks). Sickness is sometimes unavoidable and again can be taken into account with the package being able to be put on hold once in a three month period (for up to a few weeks) with the understanding that it will then resume to monthly appointments again after this. Any further postponements will necessitate the single booking rate being reinstated.

By booking at the discounted rate you are are agreeing to these terms.

Client protocol

Please ensure that you arrive in time for your pre-scheduled appointments. We will make every effort to accommodate any changes due to lateness, but in the event that you are late, Doncaster Wellbeing cannot be held accountable for loss of treatment time.

A consultation form must be completed before any treatment can be carried out. You will need to make the therapist aware of any medical history or any allergies and recognise that there may be times when a therapy may not be suitable for you.

Doncaster Wellbeing reserves the right to refuse treatments where they feel the client is at risk. If this situation occurs, an alternative therapy may be offered (if possible).

Doncaster Wellbeing reserves the right to refuse treatments to anyone deemed to be behaving inappropriately ,or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, with no refund.


Because we recognise the importance of supporting mums and their babies, very young babies (eg newborn, or whilst not yet mobile) are welcome to attend with their mum. Once crawling or walking, it becomes more difficult for mum to be able to relax during her treatment, whilst still maintaining watchfulnes and, as such, at that point alternative care would need to be arranged.

Some treatments may not be suitable, however, our experience is that mum can cuddle (and feed) baby through a facial or foot reflexology, or indeed during a side-lying back massage.

However, Doncaster Wellbeing can accept no responsibility for any interruption of, or delay to, the booked treatment due to the presence of a baby, nor for any accident or injury sustained. But we will look to support you and where possible, may be able to extend treatment time a little to account for this, where this does not intefere with subsequent bookings.

Typically a calm mum helps calm baby, and it is possible to hold and feed baby through many therapies and we will support you, where possible, to do this.


Nicola Wall (t/a Doncaster Wellbeing and Idunn's Garden Therapies) is a qualified therapist, included on the Federation of Holistic Therapist's Accredited Register and is insured to practice by Balens Ltd.


If you have any complaints, please contact us in the first instance, so that we can look to discuss this with you. If after discussion you feel that the matter is not resolved, we are happy to give you further information as to how you may escalate your complaint.


You may not reproduce, republish, distribute, display, download or otherwise copy any of the contents of this website with prior express written permission from Nicola Wall.