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The Wild Rose Day and Night Creams, plus the eye cream, are what I personally use – so this is a range I know well – alongside the Almond Facial Oil and also the Pomegranate Firming Serum.

As I tend to mention rather a lot on this site, I have a tendency towards very dry skin on my face.  There has been some testing done of the day cream and it has been found that 41% of women in the test group found that their skin experienced increased moisture after 28 days of use.  I certainly enjoy using it and, whilst I could probably move along a range to the Pomegranate, I find the rose creams very cooling and soothing (rose has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties).  Certainly, along with the almond oil, I find it helpful when my skin occasionally flares.  Plus, I just love the delicate scent of this range and first thing in the morning, it gives me a little lift (alongside using the Wild Rose Deodorant Spray).

I wrote a little about the rose as a “Lead Plant” in Weleda’s ranges.  The rose is a fantastic choice for skin that is beginning to show the first signs of ageing and is generally recommended for the 30s age range (up until about 42 – so I’m close to the cusp here).  Rosehip oil is proven to help renew elasticity and adds moisture, helping to bolster your skin and reduce fine lines.

The day cream is great if, like me, your skin tends towards dryness, however, if you have normal to combination skin, you may find the facial lotion more suitable.  It’s lighter and quick to sink in, but with the same delicate fragrance as the creams.  The night cream is suitable for all skin types and for that bit of an extra night-time boost the rosehip oil is combined with evening primrose  to offer your skin more intensive support during its night-time regenerative cycle.  NB: The Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion was named as a “Beauty Game Changer” by Teen Vogue (see links).

The Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream is lovely.  Light and fragrance-free, it contains Eyebright (Euphrasia) – a plant well known as beneficial for the eye area, along with delicate sweet almond oil and jojoba oil.  It helps reduce puffiness and is a fantastic gentle treatment for tired eyes (and as a busy mum of four at home, my eyes get very tired!)

I love this range – its delicate scent really appeals to me and it’s gentle on my often sensitive skin.  I use it regularly as part of the facials I offer and highly recommend it for the 30s-early 40s age range that I am a part of.

There is a corresponding body care and bath/shower range that I have reviewed here.

There is an ongoing offer of Buy 3, Save 15% across the Weleda facial skincare range. Just add any three of the facial skin care range to your basket for the discount to be applied.  Like me,  with my Almond Facial Oil, Wild Rose Day Cream and Pomegranate Firming Serum you can mix and match!

If you would like to try the range for yourself, I offer one-to-one consultations in the Doncaster area with a complimentary Weleda facial.  I would really enjoy helping you to find out if  Wild Rose is the range for you!


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