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I recently wrote about the Wild Rose as a Lead Plant in Weleda’s ranges and also about the corresponding face care range.  The Weleda Wild Rose Body Care and Bath ranges are next up for my review.  As I’ve said in the review of the face care range, rose and citrusy scents are my most favourite fragrances (I like to mix them up), so many of the items below get a lot of use in this household!

The Wild Rose body oil is an indulgent treat.  A luxurious body oil made from carefully blended almond and jojoba oil with the precious scent of wild roses.  It is one of the oils I regularly use here* and I use it when I feel in need of a bit of a “self-hug” – but it’s even better if you have someone to rub it in for you!  There has been some testing done on this oil and results were that, after 28 days, 26% skin was found to be smoother and 21% firmer – I tend to mix and match a bit with the other oils I regularly use, so wouldn’t be able to testify to this sort of thing, save to say I do have smooth skin (discounting the stretch marks!)

* The others being the Birch Cellulite Oil, Calendula Baby Oil (which is unfragranced and fantastic for so many uses) and the Lavender Relaxing Body Oil – as it is useful for massaging fractious children).

If you prefer a lotion, the a body oil, Weleda has you covered with the Wild Rose Body Lotion.  This is my eldest daughter’s choice post-bath (and yes, I occasionally “borrow” it!)

Both the Wild Rose Body Oil and the Lotion are suitable for vegans.

My tip is to mix the body oil with a little cream, or dairy-free sub to make a cream bath substitute.  Although you could, of course, use the Wild Rose Cream Bath.

Weleda Wild Rose Cream Bath

The cream bath is the perfect bath milk for laying back and enjoying some gentle self pampering courtesy of the blend of organic wild rose essential oil with jojoba and olive oils.  It smells amazing and makes for such a lovely bath (the perfect thing to match with some candles and a good glass of wine!)  For further relaxation, don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and blend with the Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk, or one of my favourite mixes, with the Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk (to add a floral note).

Weleda Wild Rose Body Wash

The Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash is often the body wash of choice for both me and my eldest daughter (my younger children use the Calendula and my partner usually the Arnica, although Sea Buckthorn and Citrus are also popular here).  It’s a delicate, creamy body wash made with skin-nourishing rosehip oil, with the scent of damask roses. It smells amazing!

I use it as more than ‘just’ a body wash – I use it as a handwash in the bathroom and toilet – heavenly! In addition it’s SLS/SLES free and suitable for vegans.

If you prefer to use soap, there is a Wild Rose Soap.  I have to admit, I use one as a drawer scent (for my lingerie).


Looking for a little fragrance?

Rose is one of the scents of Weleda’s Jardin de Vie fragrance range.  Weleda describes Jardin de Vie Rose as:

“… the scent of romance or poetry.  With gentle flowery rose and geranium and the hidden depths of exotic ylang ylang blossoms.

– Weleda UK”

It is fresh and floral and is the fragrance of choice for my eldest daughter (although I occasionally “borrow” it to give me a bit of a lift on these grey February mornings!)

Weleda Wild Rose Spray Deodorant

The Wild Rose Deodorant spray is my usual choice of spray . Formulated without aluminium, it’s delicate scent comes from a blend of damask rose and ylang ylang essential oils.  It’s smells lovely and gives me a lift every time I spray it.

Tip: It’s also handy as a natural freshener.  I sometimes spritz on my youngest daughter’s pillow before we settle down to read a bedtime story.  Of course, it’s also rather handy in the loo!

(April 2017 edit:  I now use the new citrus roll on in conjunction with the spray as I love the blend of citrus with rose – review here).


I love the Wild Rose range! I use the corresponding face care (reviewed here), so it’s nice to be able to use a matching body care range.  The delicate floral fragrance really appeals to me and the rose’s ability as a mood lifter certainly helps on grey days.  The only thing that I feel is missing is a hand cream – but then I’m so attached to using Skin Food, I don’t think I’d swap to anything else!

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