NEW! Weleda Roll On Deodorants

Weleda Roll On Deodorants

After much anticipation, the fabulous Weleda Roll On Deodorants are here! I’ve been waiting for these for a while – ever since I attended a training session a little while back and had the opportunity to try them both.  Obviously I love the deodorant sprays – the citrus is my favourite, my partner uses the sage and I have the rose spray as I sometimes like to mix and match (plus I like to spritz mine and my youngest daughter’s pillow at night when we cuddle up to read a story) as it’s such a lovely, comforting scent.

However, they are in glass bottles, which isn’t the safest for my teenage daughter to be hoiking about in her school bag for a post-gym spray and, well, youngsters are prone to be a tad “over-generous” with their spraying.  This has become an issue of late as my 11 year old son has developed an interest in using deodorant and, knowing that the roll-on was a little way away yet, I’d said he could share my partner’s, the result being that the sage spray rapidly declined!

The roll-on is clearly likely to be the more economical and non-smashable choice for teens and pre-teens. As it has been formulated without aluminium salts or zirconium and is free of artificial preservatives such as parabens (over all of which there are various concerns, from skin irritation to hormone disruption and possible links to breast cancer. (1) ), I can be confident that I am not exposing them to any undesirable chemicals that I try to avoid myself.

Tested for reliable 24 hour protection and freshness, the roll ons are naturally fragranced with pure essential oils – and let me tell you, the citrus really is the zingiest scent (more so, dare I say, than the citrus deodorant spray!) and I really like the men’s, to the extent that I would happily use it myself as well.

They are, of course, certified natural by NATRUE and, what’s more, they’re suitable for vegans.  So big smiles all round.

I’ve gone for the citrus for myself and my teenage daughter, whilst pre-teen son is getting the men’s.  My partner isn’t budging from his sage deodorant spray (he’s a man who knows what he likes and likes to stick with it) – but who knows, maybe in time he’ll be converted to the team roll-on.

I’ve been layering the citrus roll on with the rose spray and I love the mix of scents!


  1. Breast Cancer UK
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