J. Pashley


I had a full body massage and facial this week by Nikki and it was lovely. It was my first time and I have booked to go again, can not recommend enough. It’s nice to treat yourself.

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J. Poland

Nikki is a genuinely lovely lady who knows so much about the natural Weleda products and their positive influence on our skin & natural wellbeing. After trying the Pomegranate & Almond products, my patchy/blotchy skin is improved after only a week!! And the famous skin food is fantastic for dry, rough spots (my heels are vastly softer already!). I personally love the scent of the sea buckthorn products, and the arnica body wash is very soothing for tired joints & muscles. I would definitely recommend contacting her if you were thinking about trying a more natural approach in your beauty regime. Am looking forward to our next ‘get together’! Thanks so much Nikki x

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E. Devine

The adults in our house have fabulous feet this evening. I gave my visiting mother and my partner a relaxing foot treatment, which involved a foot soak in Weleda citrus refreshing bath milk, foot scrub with Weleda birch body scrub and massage using Weleda foot balm. I really enjoyed doing the treatments as the room smelt gorgeous and it made my hands feel beautifully soft, not to mention making the recipients of the treatments really happy and relaxed. Both said their feet felt great. Finally I repeated the process for myself (daddy had strict instructions to go to our baby if she cried) and really enjoyed pampering my own feet.

Thank you, Nikki for introducing us to these gorgeous, natural products!

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V. Wilkinson

Hi all, I was lucky enough to be given a full body massage by Nikki and it was the best massage I’ve ever had. Not too much pressure and Nikki identified areas of tension I didn’t know I had. She helped me choose a lovely oil to use and I have felt much calmer since Nikki asked me to let her know if any areas she could improve on but I honestly can’t think of any. My favourite bit was when she worked on my spine. It felt great, thankyou Nikki xx

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Em C. Whitfield

I had a facial and hand massage during a Love Creates Love event today after having a very difficult night with my six month old. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed afterwards, and it’s all down to Nikki. I shall be purchasing very soon! Thank you so much. Xxx

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R. Jennings

Rachael Jennings of Zen Baby Doncaster

Nikki truly knows her stuff! She’s welcoming and lovely. You feel cared for and supported by Nikki, as she takes the time to cater to your individual skincare needs. I love Nikki’s ethos and her determination to really help people with her knowledge and fantastic range of products. X

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