Skin Food Light has arrived!

Fans of Weleda’s iconic beauty classic, Skin Food, will already be familiar with this balm’s rich and nourishing properties and, with one sold every 23 seconds worldwide, it’s clear that this balm has appeal across the board.  It has its share of celeb fans, from pro make up artists, through to performers such as Adele and Anne-Marie, through to style icons such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Victoria Beckham.

And now, after 92 years, Weleda welcome the first new addition to what will be Weleda’s new Skin Food range.  Yes, “range” – there’s more to come!

New Weleda Skin Food Light 30ml

Skin Food Light brings a lighter, more quickly absorbable lotion to the Skin Food family.  But don’t be fooled by the lightness, this newcomer to the beauty world still packs a serious hydration punch with moisture levels having been shown to increase by 69% after an hour of application.

The smell is divine, Skin Food’s signature scent (lavender, orange, benzoin and others) but airier and not quite as intense as the heavier original.  Like Skin Food, it also contains all the goodness of chamomile, rosemary, calendula and viola tricolour – bringing the wisdom and beauty of nature to enhance your own.

It really is a fantastic addition to the Skin Food range and, as I’m already had the privilege of sampling them, I can hardly wait when the remaining additions to the range become available (hopefully later this month).

In the meantime, be amongst the first in the UK to own a tube of Skin Food Light and buy yours here (it’s so new there’s not been time to fill out the details on the web shop yet, but any questions – do get in touch!)

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