Pregnancy Massage

It’s one of my greatest pleasures to support women with pregnancy massage.  Pregnancy is a time of massive changes, both physiologically and emotionally.  This can bring various stresses to the forefront and massage therapy can be a very useful means of addressing some of these. Find out more…

I’m a Mama Baby Bliss certified pregnancy, labour and post-natal massage therapist.

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See below for treatment information:

20 Minute Treatments £20.00

“Time for You” Back, Neck & Head Massage

“Fancy Footwork” Leg, Foot & Hand Massage

“Get Up and Glo” Pampering Facial Massage

For a relaxing, reviving treat with minimum fuss, these 20 minute pick-me-up treatments are perfect for baby showers and blessingways. All are performed seated and semi-clothed.

Book “Time for You” & “Get Up & Glo” together and get a discount: £40.00 £30.00

30 Minute Treatments £20.00

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Take half an hour and breathe deeply as you lie on your side and enjoy a soothing back, neck and shoulder massage. Rich natural body oils help feed and soothe your skin and melt those niggling aches and pains away.

60 Minute Treatments

Full Body Massage: £35.00

Treat yourself to an hour of relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world again!

Using nourishing, carefully selected or blended body oils (suitable for pregnancy), this full body massage will cover your back, neck and shoulders, arms and legs (with optional bump massage) and is conducted undressed (you will be draped with towels and a blanket, plus legs and bump supported with cushioning).

Back, Neck, Shoulder & Facial Massage: £40.00 £35.00

Enjoy a discount booking these two 30 minute treatments together and enjoy an hour’s pampering, helping melt away the stresses of the day.

90 Minute Treatments

Full Body incl. Facial & Head Massage*: £55.00 £50.00

The ultimate in pregnancy pampering! 90 minutes of total relaxation to leave you feeling refreshed and light as a feather!

Carefully chosen blends of natural oils help to soothe stretched and stressed skin, rejuvenating tired facial muscles and brightening the skin.

*Head/Scalp massage optional.

Please note: in most cases of a healthy pregnancy, massage can be enjoyed from 14 weeks.  Please check with your midwife before proceeding with a treatment as you will need to sign to confirm you have done so.   If you are under consultant/obstetric care, written medical consent will be required before any treatment can take place (as would be the case if you were not pregnant but under consultant care).  Please visit “Before Attending” for more information regarding contra-indications or contact me if you have any further questions.