Swedish or Holistic Massage Therapy

Weleda body oils
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Whether you want an indulgent hour of gentle movement designed to help you drift off; a more active manipulation of aching muscles; or, dare I mention it, you want to target particular areas, perhaps for cellulite?

Using Swedish (and other modalities) I look to tailor the massage to you.

This choice is ideal for those who prefer a more firm massage (perhaps with the inclusion of hacking and cupping movements).

Choose from eleven of Weleda’s 100% certified natural body oils.  From soothing Arnica (for aching muscles and sporty types) to indulgent Wild Rose (it takes around 3 million flowers to produce just one litre of rose oil), with further oils specially formulated for sensitive skins, cellulite and stretch marks, there will be the perfect oil for you.

One Hour Thirty Minute Treatments £35.00

One Hour Treatments £25.00

  • Full Body Massage

Forty Five Minute Treatments £20.00

  • Back Massage and Facial
  • Facial, Foot Soak and Lower Leg & Foot Massage
  • Facial and Hand & Arm Massage

These treatments incorporate the treatments below with a facial. The facial will incorporate a mask in addition to the usual express facial massage service (which usually does not have a mask included).

Half Hour Treatments £15.00

  • Back Massage: Concentrating soley on the back, whether you’ve some aches and pains, or simply want to relax, enjoy a treatment tailored to your needs.
  • Hand and lower arm massage 
  • Office job?
  • Tired wrists and hands?
  • Dry hands and/or elbows?

The Hand and Lower Arm massage is the perfect choice for you.

Starting with your choice of compress from the Weleda bath milk range, enjoy a Hand and Lower Arm massage using your choice of the Weleda range of body oils, to help soothe tension in tired wrists and hands.

  • Foot Bath and Foot & Lower Leg massage:  Relax and soak away your worries whilst you breathe in the therapeutic essential oils used in the Weleda range of bath milks with your choice of bath milk in a comforting foot bath.  Followed by a gentle foot and lower leg massage, to help soothe away any aches and relax your feet and legs, using  your choice from the Weleda range of body oils. Finishing with enlivening Foot Balm or more intensively moisturising Skin Food.

    Followed up with your choice of hand cream, including the iconic Skin Food – especially formulated for dry, rough hands and skin.

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Weleda Signature Foot & Lower Leg Massage