Avoiding Mineral Oils in Cosmetics

Weleda Hand Cream Amnesty Offer

If, like me, you like to spend a lot of time in the garden and (or) have plenty of animals to look after – and are therefore washing your hands again and again (and again and again), then you’ll know the benefit that a good hand cream brings to your poor (sometimes chapped)  hands! Well, I can help with that:

There’s still a few more days to take advantage of the wonderful hand cream amnesty offer and ditch your mineral oil laden old hand cream for a fabulous new Weleda hand cream for only £1.00 (with any purchase of another Weleda product from the website until 26th September 2016).

If you are wondering why it is better to avoid mineral oils in your cosmetics, Susie Fairgrieve (Weleda) explains below:

“At Weleda we frequently mention to our customers that we do not use mineral oils in our natural and organic cosmetics.

Let’s start with a quick explanation about where mineral oils come from. Mineral oils are extracted from crude oil sources in the ground. Most often mineral oil is a liquid by-product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline and other petroleum-based products. The mineral oils, such as petroleum or paraffin, are refined for cosmetic use, but many people are concerned that they may still contain impurities from the petro-chemical industry, so that is one reason some avoid them.

Although cheap, from an environmental perspective mineral oils are not very eco-friendly ingredients to use. As a by-product of the petrochemical industry, mineral oils are non-renewable resources that contribute to our dependence on fossil fuels. At Weleda we make every effort to use sustainable ingredients and this is another good reason to opt for plant oils.

Mineral oils are ‘dead’ inert substances – they have little smell, little colour, and contain no active compounds that contribute to the formulation. Plant oils on the other hand are ‘living’ active ingredients and therefore bring benefits to the formulation such as valuable nutrients, and have an active effect on the skin, absorbing deeper into the skin and nourishing where they are needed.

Hand creams made with mineral oils create a greasy and sticky texture; they do not absorb into the skin, leaving a layer of oil on the skin which is slippery.

The NATRUE logo, found on all packs of Weleda natural and organic cosmetics, is your guarantee that the product is free from mineral oil.

Weleda hand creams are made with sustainable plant oils and are all NATRUE-certified authentically natural. We use organic sesame, evening primrose, pomegranate, almond, sea buckthorn, sunflower and olive oil in our certified-natural hand creams. We also use rich protective butters such as shea butter, unbleached beeswax and wool waxes such as the purest hypoallergenic lanolin, to provide the protection that hands need.”

So, what are you waiting for? Contact me to take advantage of this fantastic offer, or buy from my online shop (offer valid 19th-26th September 2016).

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