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Evening Primrose :: Revitalise mature skin

The Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis) is the Lead Plant in Weleda's ranges for more mature skin.  At its most basic, Evening Primrose is an herbaceous, usually biennial, flowering plant native to the Americas over a widespread area.  Like the Silver Birch I wrote about a few weeks ago, they are pioneer plants, being amongst the first to colonise… Continue reading Evening Primrose :: Revitalise mature skin

Harvesting rose petals
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Lead Plant Focus :: Wild Rose (Smoothe and Pamper)

With Valentine's day fast approaching, "love is in the air" and the rose range is on my mind.  What better time to explore the rose as one of Weleda's "Lead Plants"? The ubiquitous rose requires little introduction. From a practical point of view it is a perennial flowering plant found growing across much of the world and, as… Continue reading Lead Plant Focus :: Wild Rose (Smoothe and Pamper)

Birch Leaf Harvest
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Birch :: Cleanse & Balance

This is the first of my series of posts introducing the Lead Plants that inspire the Weleda ranges. If you want to jump straight to my review of the range, please visit: Spring Cleanse & Detox with Weleda Birch range. The Silver Birch (Betula pendula) is the inspiration for Weleda's Detox and Cleansing range and as Weleda sources its birch… Continue reading Birch :: Cleanse & Balance

Ingredients & Natural Brands

Banish Microbeads – avoiding microplastics in cosmetics

I love nature and feel happiest when out exploring and seeing what I can find and photograph.   I'm also a keen gardener and enjoy a good potter around my plants. This enjoyment and concern means that I also try, where possible, to be considerate in my daily life and try to minimise polluting the environment around… Continue reading Banish Microbeads – avoiding microplastics in cosmetics