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What Has Your Skin Had for Breakfast?

In recent years there has been a shift towards a demand for more ethical and environmentally conscious cosmetics.  Very recent and well-publicised legislation has seen the banning of microbeads in "rinse-off" cosmetic products come into effect from the beginning of this year [1] (although campaigners argue this is not enough as microbeads exist in various… Continue reading What Has Your Skin Had for Breakfast?

Weleda Natural Skincare
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A little more about Weleda…

Award-winning Natural Skin and Health Care Founded in 1926, Weleda have a lot of experience in the field of natural and organic cosmetics and herbal medicines. They have been growing and creating them for almost a century! Yes, really, Weleda were founded in 1921, so this isn't a bandwagon.  A commitment to natural beauty and… Continue reading A little more about Weleda…

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Almond Oil and Sensitive Skin

Sweet Almond oil has long been used in cosmetic preparations for the skin, but why is it of so much benefit for those with sensitive skin? An Introduction to Sensitive Skin The skin is our largest sensory organ.  It is first in line for a battering from everything our environment can throw at it. From… Continue reading Almond Oil and Sensitive Skin

Picking lemons in Sicily
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Lead Plant Focus :: Citrus (Refreshing)

Lemon. Is there any scent more heartening and uplifting? Well, maybe lemon's cousins of grapefruit and the other citrus fruits may be on a par, but I imagine the lemon is what most people think of when you mention "citrus". A blast of lemony fragrance lifts your mood and wakes you up - it's the perfect scent to get you going on a grey morning and it is one of my favourites of the Weleda range...