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Weleda Natural Skincare

Award-winning Natural Skin and Health Care

Founded in 1926, Weleda have a lot of experience in the field of natural and organic cosmetics and herbal medicines. They have been growing and creating them for almost a century!

Yes, really, Weleda were founded in 1921, so this isn’t a bandwagon.  A commitment to natural beauty and health care is in the very fabric of Weleda business practice!  Weleda is represented in over fifty countries over five continents and has won, and continues to win, numerous awards.

With very little industry control on natural and organic claims made by cosmetics businesses, Weleda is one of the few “brands to trust” in the UK.  Weleda products are 100% certified natural by NATRUE.  Natrue is one of the most stringent certifiers. Organic claims made by others, may not be as organic as they initially seem – natural claims may be even less so!

Weleda never uses synthetic fragrances, colourants or preservatives. SLS/SLES free. Parabens free. The list goes on.   What’s more Weleda products do not contain silicone oils nor ingredients from petrochemicals.  Weleda has never tested on animals (and never will!) The cosmetics range is vegetarian and in many cases vegan.

Sustainable and Ethical Practice

Weleda is a member of the “Union for Ethical Biotrade” (UEBT).  Working in partnership with farmers and local partners in the countries from which raw materials are sourced, it is always seeking to improve on its performance both ethically and environmentally.

For more information about Weleda’s principles, please visit the References at the bottom of this page.

Weleda’s Seven Core Values

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