Arnica for Amy Appeal

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The tragic events in Manchester were heart-rending, however, for a fellow Wellbeing Advisor they struck closer to home.

Here is her message:

“Morning everyone. This is a photo of my daughter Mia (on the left) and her best friend Amy, taken just 2 weeks ago. [NB: As the photo mentioned was shared in a private group, I’ve ommitted it from my website for the girls’ privacy].

We were utterly devastated to hear that on Monday night, Amy was injured in the tragic Manchester attack and is one of the 12 children in hospital currently being treated.

Mia and Amy are best swimming buddies – they both train at county and regional level and travel to every session together, spend their weekends at meets together and when they aren’t in the pool, they go out running and walking together. In fact this photo was taken when they were out doing just that.


Amy is a big arnica fan (and also loves Skin Food and Weather Protection Cream…good gal! )

I know that this is a big ask, but if you would consider buying some goods this week from my web-shop, I will donate the commission raised to Amy’s family to help with their hospital travel expenses, to pay for their parking, food and to put towards her rehabilitation in the months to come. Amy also has a little sister Lizzy – it would be great if we could treat her to something too.

Thanks so much for reading,
Gill xx”

Naturally I would like to support Gill in her fundraising and have set up a page to order through: . I will be donating all my commission, from any orders through that link, to the fund.  The link will be valid until the end of 30th May 2017.

If you are in Doncaster you can get FREE delivery by choosing “Delivery to Advisor/Hostess” (should be the default selected). However, if you are outside of Doncaster, please choose the option “Delivery Direct to Me” to get your order sent direct (otherwise I will have to charge for postage from me to you).

If you are in Lancashire – Rossendale, Bury, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley – please order from Gill directly:


“Amy has had a comfortable night and is doing well. They have had her out of bed for a little while today so that’s great progress. She has a further op scheduled probably tomorrow so we hope to visit Amy later today.”

Plus, the Queen went to visit some of the children today and it will feature on BBC and ITV news later.

If you would like to order Weleda products to be sent directly to the children currently on the ward, you can do so here through Gill and she will take them and distribute:…/Gil…/virtualevent/W012975 (do send her a message to let her know that that’s what you’d like to do).

Thank you for your support.!!

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