Doncaster Women’s Wellbeing: Reflexology; Pregnancy Massage, Holistic & Aromatherapy Massage; Manicure & Pedicure

Doncaster Wellbeing offers reflexology; pregnancy massage, holistic & aromatherapy massage to support women’s wellbeing. The emphasis is on using bespoke aromatherapy and certified natural and organic products*, helping to balance your body and mind.


From £25.00 

Reflexology is the therapeutic practice of applying gentle pressure to “reflex” areas that correspond other parts of the body. Stimulating nerve endings and the body meridians, to help clear any blockages and improve circulation.  Read more…

Holistic & Aromatherapy Massage

From £20.00

Looking to drift off on a wave of blissful relaxation? Or a more active manipulation of aching muscles, to help soothe away aches and pains? I tailor the massage to you.  Read more…

pregnancy massage Doncaster

Pregnancy Massage

From £20.00

It’s one of my greatest pleasures to support women with pregnancy massage.  Pregnancy is a time of massive changes and this can bring various stresses to the forefront. Massage therapy can be a very useful means of addressing some common pregnancy Read more…

Weleda Foot Bath

Manicure & Pedicure

From £12.00

Hands and feet in need of a little TLC? I offer manicures and pedicures from a quick tidy, to a luxury aromatherapy treatment, with an emphasis on using natural and organic products, finishing with a natural buff.  Read more…

In addition, if you have sensitive skin, you can benefit from a free consultation to patch test products in advance of using or purchasing them, ensuring the most helpful and suitable products are identified for you!

* Award-winning ethical, organic and 100% certified natural range of cosmetics and health care products from Weleda. For more information please visit: A Little More About Weleda